Upcoming Retreats

Arizona Adventure!                         October 23-26 Phoenix, AZ

                                                    November 9-12 Phoenix, AZ

                                                     January  15-18 Phoenix, AZ

                                                          April 23-26 Phoenix, AZ

                                                           May 30- June 3 Phx

Releasing Lingering Grief ~

     Preparing for the Holidays - November 13-15 Phoenix, AZ

     A New Beginning -                   January 12-14 Phoenix, AZ

Freedom Retreat Part 1               October 20-22 Phoenix, AZ

                                                       April 20-22 Phoenix, AZ

​Freedom Retreat Part 2               October 27-29 Phoenix, AZ

                                                       April 27-29 Phoenix, AZ

​Releasing Weight with Arizona Walking Add-on

                                                 November 3-12 Phoenix, AZ

                                                   January 15-24 Phoenix, AZ

                                                         May 24-June 3 Phx

Back in our elementary school science class we learned that everything is vibrating energy and, depending on the density of these vibrating atoms, we see things as  solid, liquid or gas.  Our bodies are energetic as well.  That is why most of the medical community’s diagnostic tools are energy-based—CAT scan, PET scan, CT scan, xray, EEG, EKG, ultrasound, diagnostic imaging, etc.  The problem for our bodies comes in the treatment that follows.  Because we are energy-based beings, energetic treatments like lasers and prayer have little or no negative side-effects; they work in harmony with our energetic body.  Sadly, the normal mode of treatment used in western medicine is chemical—pharmaceuticals and chemotherapies with devastating side-effects. The other method that our western doctors are taught is surgery - to cut out the problem.  Every surgical procedure causes scarring which impedes the body’s electrical/energetic system, thus causing stagnation which is one of the core problems that contributes to chronic disease.

Researchers have discovered that 98-99% of our physical ailments have emotional roots.  Scientists can measure this emotional energy and show that it tends to range in size from about the size of a golf ball to that of a cantaloupe.  Most chronic disease forms in an area of stagnation in the body’s energy field.  Each area of our body resonates at a slightly different frequency. Just as every fingerprint is unique, the energy signatures of different parts of our body also have their own unique frequencies. Each emotion also has its own energy signature.  Scientists now believe that the body stores emotions we have experienced for more than thirty seconds on neurons.  These neurons tend to be shuffled to the area of the body that is vibrating at the most similar wave-length or to an area that is already stagnant. 

Over and over we see grief stored in the lungs, anger in the liver, tension and anxiety stored in the digestive system.  Our body is filled with an innate knowing of where and when different emotions have been stored because our brain and subconscious mind are powerful computers, remembering everthing. An integrative therapy specialist can easily muscle test to see which emotions are stored and approximately when they were stored and then release them.  Emotions need to come up and out, but we don’t need to relive all of them.  When this muscle-testing process of release is used, stagnation decreases in the body and health improves—often immediately.  We remember the emotional situations we have gone through, but it no longer carries an emotional charge.

The more Karing Journey has worked with this process we have discovered that many of the emotions that are stuck have become stuck because of spiritual misconceptions.  Can you see that if you believe God may answer other people’s prayers but not yours, that you could feel not good enough, depression, grief, hopelessness, despair, anger….a whole host of emotions? What if you believe there is nothing after this life?  Then what’s the point? Again, hopelessness, despair, anger at why we even have to be here and suffer through this life. 

Scientists have recently been able to trace back in our DNA, emotional traumas from our ancestors going as far back as six generations.  We are finding that by clearing these ancestral issues, freedom and release are felt and amazing things happen.  The easiest way to clear these stored traumas and emotions is through a process of forgiveness—forgiveness of ourselves, our ancestors, and God (because we often blame God when things don’t go the way we want hoped).  We also ask forgiveness of God and of others (at a spiritual level) who we may have hurt because we were hurting.  This process brings incredible renewal, transformation and empowerment.

After God enables us to forgive, we follow up with Life Coaching to help each person find their own answers for the most fulfilling way they can move forward with passion and purpose.  For those who would like ongoing support, they can be part of our support community and they also have the option of continued Life Coaching by phone, Skype or in person. 

A typical day in a Karing Journey retreat includes:

Medical qi gong (that can be done sitting, standing or lying down) and other movement
Time for gratitude
Food with friends
Education to help us achieve body, mind and spirit vibrance

A walk in nature
Life Coaching (group or individual)
Visualization of a joy-filled life
Journaling/thinking time
Worship (optional but highly recommended)
Integrative therapies

Karing Journey retreats are life changing, bringing peace, hope and joy, freedom, purpose and empowerment.  Come and grow with us!

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